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Monday, October 14, 2019

Jewish Self Hatred

Self hating Jews.

From the rocky peaks I see them, from the heights I view them. I see a people who live apart and do not consider themselves one of the nations.numbers 23:9

The quote above is the praise which Bileam, the non-Jewish prophet, praises the Jewish People.

Stating that the Jews are a nation that lives apart, sounds more like a curse than a praise.

However it’s a praise if you can turn your mind to thinking that the Jews actually have little to do with their own demise or survival.

But it’s rather a function of the civilized or uncivilized forces, present in the culture of the nations among which we have been forced to live. Even the situation of living among the nations isn’t of our doing, but rather the result of the ambitions and greed of those nations.

We would be wrong to take responsibility for our situation, on our own shoulders, because the nations don’t persecute and isolate us because of any evil in ourselves, but, because they are evil. They posses characteristics like lust for power and wealth and greed for material possessions.

Sadly, however many Jews do this. They search themselves and their religion and nation for causes of Antisemitism, instead of searching the nations that persecute us, for evil characteristics.

Instead of asking themselves “how can we help nations be less greedy, less blood thirsty, less power mad”, all the characteristics that result in us getting persecuted, they ask themselves “what characteristics do we posses that make other nations want to destroy us, how are we the cause of their evil intentions?”

They even begin to accept the attitude of the nations, who say that Jews are greedy, miserly, dirty, without feeling and a million other, unmentionable accusations. They begin to search themselves for such monstrous characteristics.

As the Torah says “seek and ye shall find”. Indeed those mistaken Jews find fault in themselves and become self hating Jews.

Bileam’s words are a magnificent praise, because, when all the nations are descending into the quagmire of filth, of their characteristics, the Jews stand alone, apart from them, undefiled and righteous. That is something to be proud about.