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Friday, December 9, 2011

Understand the Arab Israel Conflict

Every year on the 29th Nov we, in Israel celebrate the vote at the United Nations to divide the land between the Jordan River and the Mediteranean Sea between the Jews and the Arabs. The Arabs don't celebrate it and there lies the problem.

The Arabs simply rejected the result of that vote while the Jews accepted it with joy. This was natural and inevitable.

The Jews who had no land of their own and had just suffered the greatest catastrophe in history were in no position to turn down the decision of the UN to give them a piece of land of their own even if it was only less than half of the land where they originally lived from the days of king David until the 8th century, when the country fell into dilapidation under the Arab administration of neglect and misrule..

The Arabs, on the other hand, who rule over 7 countries, half of Palestine looked very measly and was even an insult to the pompous, inflated view of grandeur that they had of themselves.

The Arab delusion of greatness was matched by their delusion that Jews could be easily frightened into fleeing from the little strip of land along the Mediteranean Sea which the UN had allotted to them and so launched the 1947 war which resulted in the Jewish declaration of independence in 1948.

Their dream of an easy victory wan't quenched even by their dismal defeat in the war. Some Western countries like the ex USSR foolishly also egged them on, obviously out of self interest to sell and test new weapons. With this encouragement the Arabs launched 6 more wars, 1956, 1967, 1973,1982, 2006 and 2010. Each time they brought greater disaster on themselves. Now Iran is trying to launch the ultimate war, an atomic war.

Jews and Arabs want to live together in peace but this will never be achieved as long as there is no Arab unity to accept the UN on the 29th Nov 1947. Jewish unity exists but Arab unity is lacking.

Considering the strife among the various factions of the Arab world there's no hope of convincing them that the UN decision is good for everyone.

First and foremost the Arabs need unity on this issue. But they're not going to achieve unity on this issue because it's an outside issue, no matter how important it appears to be this issue doesn't divide them. Many other, internal issues divide them and their disagreement on the Israel/Palestine issue is just an offshoot of the main issues which divide them.